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[ Overview ]

This section describes the procedure for creating a property by clicking the [Admin Console] → [Property List]  → [Create Property] button.

The following settings will be configured: "Property Information," "Room Type," and "Rooms," in that order. 

[ table of contents ]

  • "Property Information" setting

  • "Room Type" setting

  • "Room Unit" setting

[ detail ]

・ "Property information" setting

In this section, "Property Information" will be set. Since the non-required fields can be set later, proceed with the creation without setting the undecided fields.

Click the [ Admin Console ] → [ Property List ] → [ Create Property ] button to begin creating.

In "Internal name", set the property name displayed in PMS.

Update the "address" and check it on the map. Entering the "building name" and "property tag" is optional. 

* If you are managing a large number of properties, you can filter property by region by setting the Property Tag such as "Tokyo" or "Osaka". Property tag can be set later.

Under Property Type, select the "Property Type" depending on the type of inventory. Even if the property is an apartment, select Hotel if you want to manage inventory of more than 2 rooms per property.

*The "Property Type" setting cannot be changed later. Please contact the support desk if you have any problems.

2 or more rooms
Only one room  (rental one building, private lodging, etc.)

In the "Property Settings" section, you can set the property name and description for each language to be displayed on the guest page for pre- check-in, etc. (Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean can be set.)

The display name set here will be displayed on the page for guests; "Internal Name" will be used in the PMS.

[ Time zone ]

Select "Singapore" for property in Singapore.

[ Language ]

Set the language to be used for invoices and receipts here.

[Max Booking Window]

Set the booking period for the day and beyond. It will be updated daily. Example: Sell from the day until 3 months later → Select 90 days

[Check-in Turnover Day]

This item is used when a certain period of free days is required before and after staying (mainly for private lodging operations). If you do not need a free day, set it to 0.


Set the check-in time for the property


Set the check-out time for the property


Set the currency for the property. All the transaction will be follow the currency set.

*Once the currency is set, it cannot be change later. Please contact the support desk if you have any problems.

In "Additional information", set the content that is automatically inserted when the [Instruction] tag and [Signature] tag are set for the content of the automatic message.

Click "Next" to proceed to the "Room Type" setting.

・ "Room type" setting

Set the "room type". (It can be changed even after setup) 

The room type "Standard Room" is added by default, so please edit and use this as the first room type. Click on the "..." button to edit.

Change the "Standard Room" from the "Internal Name" that is set by default. Below that, set the room type name for displaying the guest page by language.

[Booking style]

Select "Nightly Booking" or "Day Booking".

[Room Style]
Select one of "Regular Room", "Dorm Room", or "Connecting Room". For hostel select as dormitory type, otherwise usually select "regular room". 

Check-in / Check-out
Sets the default check-in / check-out time for this room type.

If you have more than one room type, add them from the "Add New Room Type" button.

After entering the room type "internal name", press Enter.

Room Settings


Enter the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated.

[ Bedroom ]

Set the number of bedroom.

[ Bathroom ]

Set the number of bathroom.

[Room size]

Enter the number of square meters of the room.

[Minimum price]

Set the lowest price that the price can be synchronise to OTA and booking engines.

[Cleaning fee]

Set when billing the cleaning fee iseparately from the accommodation fee. (Set 0 if the cleaning fee is included in the accommodation fee)

[Bed configuration]

Set the type and number of bedding.

After setting all room types, click Next to proceed to the Room settings.

・ "Room Unit" setting

Set the room associated with each room type you have created. By default, one room for each room type is created with room number 101. The first room can be edited and used. Click on the "..." button to edit.

Edit Room

[Key Info URL]

Sets the text that is automatically inserted when the [key] tag is set for the content of the auto message. (This can be used to instruct each room how to receive the key (mainly in private accommodations). If you do not use this tag, you do not need to enter any text.

[Room Manual]

Sets the text that is automatically inserted when the [room_manual] tag is set for the content of an auto message. This can be used when there are different manuals for each room, rather than for the entire property. If you do not use this tag, you do not need to enter the text.

[Is this a Composed Room? ]

If the rooms are share inventory, such as a connecting room, turn it on to specify the room to be included. When a composed room is reserved, the parent room is automatically closed, and when a parent room is reserved, all composed room are automatically closed.

From [Add New Room Unit], you can add all the room no at once in batch. Enter the room number and press Enter.

The created property will be added to the property list. If a filter is set, click "Clear Filter" to check.

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