AirHost ONE Page Configuration

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[ overview ]

This help describes the page structure of AirHost ONE. AirHost ONE is roughly composed of the following two modes. 

Management console
Operates the setup at the start of use and subsequent configuration management, such as adding and configuring [ Channels ], [ IoT locks ], [ Payment accounts ], [Automatic messages], etc. Mainly used by administrators.
Perform daily operations such as [Check-in], [Message], [Order Management], etc.
Mainly used by managers, staff and cleaners.

[ table of contents ]

[ detail ]

  • General

All pages are optimised for use on a PC, but can also be operated from a smartphone or similar device. For some pages with a lot of content, we recommend using a larger screen, e.g. on a PC. 

     The main menu is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen, but you can maximise the work area on the right-         hand side by hiding the menu.


  • [Management Console] screen configuration

        The management console performs management operations such as adding and configuring channels, IoT locks,          payment accounts, automatic messages, etc. It is mainly used by the administrator during initial set-up. 

        From the [ Property List ], settings are configured for each property. Other settings such as [Automatic                        messages (common)] and [Channels] are common to all properties.


  • [Dashboard] screen configuration

The dashboard provides the menus you need for day-to-day operations, such as check-in management, sending and receiving messages, and checking POS orders. 

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